Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Franchise Tops $1 Billion at Box Office

With $155 million domestic and $323.3 million worldwide in just under two weeks of global play, It Chapter Two is a smash hit by any other comparison save for the first It. Assuming (speculation alert) that Warner Bros. doesn’t magically pull off a China play date (presumably with an edited cut of the film), we’re probably looking at a $225-$235 million domestic total and a global cume of around $500 million. That’ll still be the second-biggest R-rated horror movie (sans inflation) right between The Exorcist ($441 million, counting reissues) and It ($700 million in 2017). With last weekend’s $88 million in global grosses ($47 million overseas and $41 million domestic), the two It movies have earned $1.023 billion worldwide on a combined budget of around $110 million.

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