Stephen King’s ‘The Long Walk’ will be “Claustrophobic” says Director

Author Stephen King has delivered audiences all manner of horrifying stories over the decades, featuring ghosts, murderers, and otherworldly presences. One of his more dystopic novels, The Long Walk focuses on a group of 100 teenagers who are forced on a march until only one boy is left standing and is deemed the winner. The novel, which was released under his pen name of Richard Bachman, is being adapted into a film by Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark director Andre Ovredal. The filmmaker recently revealed what audiences can expect from the adaptation and how it differs from other King projects.

“It’ll be very claustrophobic, because we never leave that road,” Ovredal shared with Rue Morgue. “I think the studio and producers really liked my work on The Autopsy of Jane Doe, and compared it to this, because it’s very intimate. You’re walking right there with these kids; the fact that it has an expansive nature around it, as opposed to just walls, is a variation, but it’s going to be an extremely claustrophobic movie.”

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