Stephen King’s The Talisman Film Announced

The journey from page to screen all started when Steven Spielberg became mesmerized by an early copy of the work-in-progress by King, who was then most famous for The Shining and The Stand, and Straub, best known for his novel Ghost Story.

He was so determined to adapt it that he got Universal Pictures to buy him the rights forever — not just an option to adapt, which would have expired after a few years.
For three-and-a-half decades, fans have heard rumblings and rumors about a movie version of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s fantasy epic The Talisman.

There have been many dead ends and false hopes, but Amblin Partners says it is finally happening. For real.

Outlander and The Handmaid’s Taledirector Mike Barker has been hired to tell the story of a young boy named Jack Sawyer and his sprawling quest through a monstrous alternate dimension to find the mystical title object that can cure his dying mother. He might just save two worlds in the process.


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